What should we make next?

What should 3-SPACE consider printing, and why?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below with links to files, pictures, and/or descriptions.  Feel free to reply and add ideas to other people’s comments. Items with more details and discussion are more likely to get made.

6 Responses to What should we make next?

  1. How about a print of a Menger sponge, to the highest level that we can handle with our classroom’s filament-deposition printers? Here is a picture of a “Level 4″ Menger sponge.

    Higher levels of Menger sponges will have more holes, and lower levels will have fewer. The image in the header for this site is a close-up of a Level 4 Menger Sponge printed from a powder printer. We might be able to make Level 3 with our classroom printers?

    It would also be fun to print various cross-sections of Menger sponges, since some of them are very interesting. This video from mathematician George Hart shows what we would find!

    • UPDATE: Sadness. Got a good print of a Level 3 but it is buried under support material. Maybe while people are bored they will pick it out little by little, over the next five hundred years:

      • I had more luck without support on the replicator


        • Gaya, what you printed looks amazing. Genius idea to print it from the cut edge so that supports are not needed – I had wanted to print that object but had not thought of that! Maybe I’ll also try printing the entire uncut Menger cube at an angle (with some struts added at the bottom to hold it up).

  2. Definitely something with gears. Or bearings. Or both! Check out this customizable parametric model by emmet on Thingiverse:


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