OpenSCAD for the Avid Beginner

In this tutorial I will be outlining the basics for object creation using OpenSCAD and the tools you can use to create everything to your hearts desire!

Author: Tony Mannino, GSCI 104 Fall 2013 at JMU
Version: December 4th, 2013

So you made it this far. I will assume that you’re interested in this incredible creativity and the ability to create any object of your desire. In this tutorial you will find:

Section 1: Object rendering basics.
-Basic OpenSCAD objects
-How to modify objects
Section 2: Mutating Objects
-Basic Mutations
-Advanced Mutations
Section 3: Operations and loops
-Basic Operations
-Basic Loops
Section 4: Bringing it all together

Throughout this tutorial I will be using commands and code that I derived from the OpenSCAD “cheat sheet”. If you would like to follow along, or have a reference for some of the tools I will be describing in this tutorial, feel free to download the image from

To get started, install OpenSCAD and then download the OpenSCAD tutorial file.

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