Phil + Laura = ???

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5th week (3/23/04)

8th week (4/14/04)

You're supposed to look at the tiny white smudge.
Here the white smudge is being measured.
More smudge measuring.

10th week (4/27/04)

A higher-quality image!
What is where.

12th week (5/11/04)

This looked much more baby-like at the doctor's office!
A repeat of the image to the left, with descriptions.

This is a "stock photo" of what you are looking at in these images.

A similar image from the same appointment.

14th week (5/26/04)

We heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time today!
(Of course we don't have a picture of that to show you...)

16th week (6/9/04)

The baby's heartbeat is still going strong.
Our next appointment will be in three weeks, and will include an ultrasound.
If we're lucky we'll be able to tell if the baby is a boy or a girl!

19th week (7/1/04)

"It" is a boy! In this picture he's lying on his back.
A similar picture; you can really see his facial profile and his spine.
Evidence of boy-ness.
The ultrasound lady says "look at the little turtle-head; can you see it??"
More boy-ness... picture is from below; you can see his legs sticking up and a bright point right in the middle that is his "turtle-head".
Tiny little arm and hand!!

23rd week (7/28/04)

Here's the boy in 3D. Note how thin. He'll start filling out a bit in a few weeks.
This was his preferred position. We had a hard time getting him to turn around.
Please! No pictures!
Profile shot.
And another.
A foot. Looks perfect.
And the legs of a marathon runner.

27th week (8/22/04)

A quick shot of him looking right at you...

Estimated Due Date: November 30, 2004
Estimated Name: Calvin Grey Riley