Hello There

A brief introduction to the person of Sophie DeLucca

Hello There!

First and foremost, my name is Sophia Deklyn DeLucca but the majority of people I encounter call me Sophie. I am 18 years old, a sophomore, and a communications studies major.

A little bit more about me, I am from the Jersey Shore, born and raised so being in these mountains is a change but I am getting the hang of it!

I love writing so a blog post as is this fits similarly with what I do in my free time! My dream job would be to work for a life magazine such as Cosmo!

As far as technology goes… it took me a week and a half to finally hook up my laptop to the wifi at JMU. With this said, I am still very excited for 3D printing class, however I have little to negative experience with anything like this!

Fun facts slash quirky things that you might care to know:
I have a pineapple tattoo on my right ribcage; it symbolizes authenticity. I strongly believe in embracing yourself so the pineapple reminds me to stay me!
My favorite JMU restaurant is the sandwich station at festival because the same lady and I there consistently discuss the weather and holiday affairs. (She makes Tuesday and Thursday East Campus ventures tolerable)
Dancing for 16  years, I am always bouncing around UREC or taking intensives in the city; catch me at Cardio Dance Party!
I love volunteering. So far at JMU I have been on two alternative break trips and recently served as a FrOG for Gifford Hall. #galwaygiffords
At JMU I serve as the Awards Director for Kappa Alpha Theta.
I will never say no to ice cream.

I hope you find this post somewhat interesting and that it serves as a good first impression of me. Again, I am not the best with technology so if you by chance become my partner for any group projects during this class, I am apologizing in advanced for melting things! Kidding, I promise to try my best and hopefully succeed!…Baby steps?