Hello: Kyle Sandhoff

Hello everyone! I’m Kyle, and I’m a math and SMAD double major. I am super excited to take 3-D printing this year and can’t wait to start making fun little things, because apparently there just isn’t enough stuff crowding my shelves these days. I’m really interested in television and film production and will talk to literally anyone about movies.

I am also a part of WXJM here at JMU so if anyone wants to hear me and my cohost crack bad jokes and do a cringeworthy freestyle rap about the weather forecast every you should tune into 88.7 every Sunday from 12-2pm! I am also doing the videography for WXJM Live this year so that will be fun.

Other than that I am also a part of math club here at JMU and I help teach a student run topics class (Math 167) meant to introduce subjects of higher level mathematics to incoming underclassmen so they can understand that math isn’t all calculus!

I can’t wait to see what everyone can make this year!