Fifty Forms- Allie Sure

For this week assignment, I came up with fifty different shapes using different tools in Thinkercad.

To start off, I used basic shapes that I edited with the edit box. For the element in line, I switched the radius, bevel, segments and thickness levels.

For the green shape, I duplicate the shape and rotated it.

The Allie, okay and green “tree” were ways for me to try the height tool. For the okay, I used a round roof and then used a ring text that I positioned over it.

The rectangle is an example of for the whole option.

For the numbers, I aligned 123 vertically and horizontally.

For the turtle, I downloaded a png turtle silhouette, convert it to SVG and imported to Thinkercad.

I also decided to make a salt shaker after finding that idea on internet. I had a hard time figuring out how to make a cap for it. I ended up using a half circle and stuck a ring in it.

For another class, I have to come up with a business plan. My group and I are working on the design right now so I decided to use Thinkercad to design my idea.

In the four pictures,  I just used the different shape generators. I change the different settings to know all my options. I also look up a tutorial to make a screw.

I also imported models. One is to hold book open and the other one is an SD slot holder.

On the more creative side, I made a bow and arrow and some plants.

This assignment help me discover many sides of Thinkercad

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