50 Forms

Fifty Forms

Fifty Forms

For my beginning stages of trying to catch the hang of this system, I just chose a polygon and began testing a few different things. As you can see I increased size, sides, height, and turned the shape in this first image. I figured the best way to divulge into this was with the very basics.

This next image I tried to keep simple, however increase my knowledge with each new step. Here I decided to try and make a sort of name tag. I used the circle shape and the text to combine them.

Here is where I tried to start and get creative. On the left I kept it simple as I started combining and aligning shapes on top of each other. In front is sort of a worm. I added and connected the spheres which leads up to the head. For the head I just used the cylinder to create the eyes. I then used the round roof option to create what looks like a smile. I then went for another classic shape with the coffee mug

On my next work page I Went a little more sporty. In the back left I created a basketball hoop using the cylinder and box options. I then created a football field goal post. The cylinders in the middle of the workbook were a way of my to test out how I wanted to use the cylinders in other projects. I knew the cylinders would be tricky to size correctly

On this page, I figured out the command D option, and I really enjoyed it. On the bottom right, this was my first test using it. I used the icosahedron shape. Then, to the left, I used the same function but on the ring. Continuing left I created the snowman. behind it is a wrench. I tried to had some flare to it by adding an indentation in the middle. Then, in the back left I combined cylinders and a sphere. Next was a House with windows. Lastly, I stretched out a pyramid but added a few sides.

Here is where I went crazy with the command D function. I just used a bunch of shapes with it. I also used Command D then combined the piece all together but clicking and dragging so it could select all the piece that it just created. That is the star in the front. After, I then started using some new shapes and symbols while I searched around.

To finish off, I kept the the trend of finding new shapes. After I had trouble thinking of new shaped I just decided to throw some things together and see how they would turn out. I made the bunny in the back left, a bridge or arch on the back right, some pyramids, some hole punctured cylinder, and a long line of barrels

To finish off, I had a lot of fun. Started off with something simple in the back left the tried to get creative with the command D function. then I hadn’t really used the star yet so I tried adding and taking away sides and things like that. Then more of the same where I made a circle out of the rings. I also tried to make a box with just a ring hole through it but it wasn’t as interesting as I anticipated. Finally, this last one I messed up but thought it looked pretty cool