Discovering Tinkercad!


In this 8 first forms I just tried to use the most simple shapes that are available in Tinkercad and I just combined them to make different figures. As we can see in the picture, I tried to create a table, a tree or the Earth among others.



9-14 FORMS

In this second part I tried make some more complex shapes. We can see how I combined some spheres to create a snowman , at the top left of the screen. Also, I made a skateboard or a cup. It is also shown in the image a flower in the center of the screen combining a cilinder, a sphere and some cones.

15-21 FORMS

In this picture we can see how I made different type and kind of shapes. First I strated creating a Spanish flag, this was so simple, I took three cubes and spread them until make rectangles. I also made a spanner with different shapes. Those two forms were the most important shapes of this part.

22-25 FORMS

Here I made a simple house combining a cube and a pyramid. The figure in the bottom left is a pear, very simple to made. I also created an egg with a chicken legs.

26-30 FORMS

I started here with a smililng face combinin a circle with some circles inside of it to make the eyes. I also made an ice-cream with a to cones. After that, I did a cup with a straw on it and a welcome carpet combining a rectangle with a text.

31-33 FORMS

As we can see here, Itried to create a key a circle and three cilinders. After that, I made a dollar sign combining the letter S with two cilinders.

34-37 FROMS

In my opinion, this picture is the most complex part of my work. For the Nike symbol, I used the image converter to download the Nike swoosh form Internet and paste it on the work, then I wrote the text on the top of the logo. In this picture is also shown how I make a house with stairs.

38-44 FORMS

Here I downloaded again a picture from interent, this figure on the bottom left is supposed to be a soccer ball. I dont think that it looks like one, but I think it is a cool figure so I just left it there. I also a made a rectangle with a phrase: Go dukes!.

45-51 FORMS

Finally,in this last post I made a cookie combining circles as well as the Saturn planet. I also did the Youtube symbol combining a recantgle and a triangle.