Week 3 – Tinkercad Design Project

// Roundup //

According to the Assignments page, by this week’s class you should have completed your Fifty Forms blog post, and should now have a good sense the many design tools available to you in Tinkercad. This week you’ll start working with a partner on your first formal project!

// Today: Start your first real design project //

  • Send any remaining First Prints to the printers, or anything you want to reprint, or anything you want to print from your Fifty Forms assignment.
  • If time, present a few interesting shares from the Fifty Forms assignment (perhaps from people who didn’t have a chance to present their First Prints earlier, or who discovered particularly interesting design tools).
  • Group work: Start theĀ Tinkercad Design Project
    • Go around the room and everyone say their name and major again.
    • GET UP and form new groups. Ideally, find someone with your same major, or a similar major.
    • Discussion of the Tinkercad Design Project, including the design requirements.
    • Groups work together to start thinking up something to design for this project, and drafting a design and blog post.
    • By the end of class, decide which group member will be Lead Designer and which will be Lead Writer for this project.
    • Set things up so you can work together remotely: Make your Tinkercad file public and share the link with your group, learn how to use Collaboration in Tinkercad, and share emails/text/contact info.
  • Fill out the Card Swipe Access Agreement.
  • Comments: Make sure Settings/Discussion has “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment” checked, since I will use comments to let you know if I happen to notice something missing in your assignment that I can change before I grade it. (I won’t always review every post for this in advance, but if I happen to see something then I will point it out to you.)

// For Next Time //

For homework you’ll work with your group member to finish planning your Tinkercad Design Project, create a rough first draft of your design in Tinkercad, and write the beginning of a blog post documenting that project. Click on the project link for specific assginment details.