50 Forms

For my first 16 objects, I played around with using simple functions like the hole and the parameters in the object’s details window, as well as using the ‘shape generators.’

Next, I imported an android that I found on thingiverse (far left) and gave him a pyramid head, turned him into a rocket, made him a hanger, and had him ride a horse. (21 objects total)

Then I made the pyramid with the eye as can be seen on $1 bill. I then imported a headphone hanger that I made in onshape and designed a desktop version of it.  The three nameplates on the right are from front to back a cutout, emboss, and engrave. (26)

Next, I made keychains for all the states I’ve visited using the state shape generator which allows you to select any state you want.  It doesn’t have an option for D.C. since it’s not really a state, so I just put in Washington state and wrote DC on it 😛  (37)

The next three are a water molecule, a glass/cup and…. I don’t actually have any idea what that last thing is.  Maybe some sort of table? (40)

Lastly, I made a rural mountainous scene with a combination of objects found in Tinkercad and on thingiverse. (50+)