Dragons and Goats: 50 Forms!

Just messing around here at first. Trying out some shapes from community shape generators and putting them together. The twizzler cone was made by putting a cone shaped hole inside of the shape.



I began with a basic wedge. For the second form I brought the point of the wedge below the work plane and snipped off the bottom with a cube hole. For the third shape I copied and pasted the form from before, scaled the copy down and turned it into a hole, placing the hole inside of the original to create the inside of the boat. For the fourth shape I inserted a mast by thinning and lengthening a cylinder. For the sale I found the “extruded curve” from featured shape generators and scaled it up. Thus a boat was born!



Went for a Peter Pan theme for this one. The pan flute is made out of copied and pasted tubes whose heights have been modified. The star and Ireland map are from community shape generators (you can pick whatever country you want). The main map is made from the Ireland map and small cubes that lead to the star. The hook is made out of a question mark and half sphere that I used the align tool on.



Here I was experimenting with aligning tools. Every object here is centered within itself to make clean cut edges and lines.



Here I experimented with the side and bevel tools. The pyramid gets smoother as it progressed, and the cylinder less so. The bevel adds the slightly rounded edge to the cylinder.



Here I experimented with the tube tools to make a green lantern ring. First I used the radius and tube tools to make it bigger and thicker. Than I used the tube and sides tools to make it smaller and 2 sided. Then I added a half sphere and a few tubes and cubes to proceeding to align them into the symbol.



My next 5 forms took FOREVER. I’m going to keep working on this dragon for the next few forms. I created the main body using basic sphere and cylinders. The Legs and arms were made by stretching out the spheres. The Feet were made using the “chicken foot” extra and chopping bits off with rectangular holes. I also used rectangular holes to make the neck by taking pieces off a ring. The dragon head was imported from thingiverse user tonihepzibah. I will continue making this dragon in the next few steps.



Next the wings. The flying pic is from thingiverse user offcenter creations. I cut off the pig and stuck on the wings.

Next the tail. Import a snake from thingiverse admin MakerBotAdmin and snippidy dee snippidy doo we have a tail! Now we’re up to 40 objects. Time to start building the world!



Oh no! The dragon attacks a defenseless family! Here I used the terrain tool to create the land along with a customizable house tool in featured shape generators. I also used the asteroid tool in community shape generators to stretch out into fire. Community shape generators also provided the trees which I scattered about, resizing and reshaping a few. The human characters can be found in featured shape tools. This brings us to around 45 objects (counting clusters of objects as singular).



3 Billy Goats Gruff! Goats are imported from Thingiverse user SergeKa and troll from user buntcrispy. Tried the mountain terrain from community shape generators as well as “magic trees” from community shape generators. Bridge was made by using a round roof from basic shapes and downsizing a copy and turning it into a hole. 5 new shapes in total, bringing us to 50!