Fifty Forms!

For the beach chair, I basically collected multiple cubes and put them in place. I aligned the legs and arms of the chair.

When making the beach umbrella, I collected two cones and used one for the outside of the umbrella and the other for the hole on the inside of the umbrella. I then thinned a cylinder out and attached it to the top of the cone.

I used the bunny ear (and stretched it out) to make the body of the surfboard. I then typed in “)” for the text option to create the green item on the surf board.


I made a plant pot using a hexagon. I then proceeded to make a hole with a smaller version of the hexagon.

For the shovel, I used a cylinder for the handle. I then used a smaller version of the cylinder to make an opening (using the hole option) in the handle. As for the scooper, I collected a paraboloid and created an opening in it as well using the hole so it would be able to scoop.

To create the pedals on the flower, I collected a bunny ear, duplicated it multiple times, and then rotated each one accordingly. I then put a sphere in the middle of the pedals. Lastly, I attached and elongated cylinder to the flower to create a stem.

I first made a cylinder for the stem of the tree. I then inserted a squirrel hole in the tree trunk using a cylinder. I put a sphere on top of the tree trunk and then put little blue sphere’s around it as blueberries.


I originally started the pumpkin out as a sphere. I then collected a round roof, flipped it over, and used it to create the bottom of the pumpkin’s mouth. I then collected triangles to make holes on top of the mouth and for the eyes. I elongated all of the holes for the face to make them go through the pumpkin. I used a cylinder for the stem and a bunny ear for the leaf.

For the spider, I first found the text box to create a large “).” I flipped it a few times so that it could curve over the surface. I then duplicated it 3 times, and intertwined the 4 shapes in the middle. I then added a sphere in the middle.

I first collected a box and stretched/thinned it out. I then attached a small cylinder and sphere to create a door handle, and attached that to the door. Lastly, I added the words to the door as a hole that didn’t go all the way through the door, so the words could be engraved.


For the lemonade stand, I first made a large rectangular prism, and cut a big hole out of it. I then added a roof on top. I entered the text “lemonade” and slanted it to fit the roof. I did not push the letters in that much so that they could stick out. After that, I added an egg on the roof as a lemon. Lastly, I duplicated a few cups. I made the cups by collecting a cylinder, and then adding a hole into it.

I used and shrunk an egg to make a wing for the butterfly, and then duplicated it and flipped it. I used a cylinder as the butterfly body and a sphere for the butterfly head. I then attached everything together.

To make the stem of the mushroom, I collected a paraboloid. I then put a half sphere on top of the stem.


I first got a cone and flipped it for the ice cream cone. I then added a half sphere on the top to make the ice cream. I attached a sphere and a cylinder togehter to create a cherry and stem, and then attached itto the ice cream.

I made a chicken wing using an egg for the chicken, and a cylinder for the bone. I then added two sphere’s at the end of the cylinder so It could look bumpy like a chicken bone.

For the finger and ring, I used the paraboloid and stretched it up to make the finger. I then inserted the torus around the finger, and attached the attached the diamond to the torus.