Fifty Forms

For my first seven items I made a set of chess pieces. I did this first by finding the little pawn in the Community Shape Generators. I then created the rest based off of this item. The next one I created was the bishop, in the back left corner by taking chain mail from the Community Shape Generators and using CTR+D to weave it around the base of the pawn. Next to it is the rook, which i created by putting a crown on its head and using the alignment tool to make sure it was centered. I raised it by hand. I then created the night, front right, by centering an arrowhead in the head of the pawn with the alignment tool. I then created the King and the Queen with the same method as the rook. I also used the text box, used text to write checkmate, made sure it was large enough to cut through the whole of the text block, made it a whole, centered with the alignment, and grouped them.

For items 8 through 11 I created a cross, and used the Hebrew text generator to write out Elohim in Hebrew (word for God in the Hebrew language). I then centered the text in the cross, and worked to make sure all parts fit and were inside the cross before making it a hole and grouping the items together.

for items 12 through 17 I created a fish and a boat. I started out with the round roof tool, flipped it, copied it and shrunk the second one down. I then made the smaller one a whole and used the alignment tool so that the hole was center in the larger one, and aligned with the top of the boat so it would create the hole in the right spot. I then took a cylinder and square, and used the square to cut the cylinder in half to make a seat. I used the alignment tool once again so that the seat was in the center. I found a roof like item in the Community Shape generators for the roof, coral, and the main parts of the fish. I had to adjust the size of the roof of the boat so that it fit the boat and did not come down too far. I added three pieces of coral around the boat and adjusted their sizes to explore the tool. For the fish I used a banana shape for the main part, butterfly wings for the fins, and the rope cutter for the tail fin. I them elongated two spheres, cut them in half, and used them for the eyes.

For items 18-26 I created a snowman and a house. To start the snowman I made three different sized spheres, manually typing in their sizes by increments of five (10, 15, and 20) so they were properly portioned. I then created the hat using a cylinder and tube, again adjusting the size so it was proportionate with the head and using the alignment tool to make sure it was on the head right. I then found an item to use for the nose in the Community Shape Generator and shrunk it down to fit as a carrot nose. I again used the alignment tool, having to manually raise it a little so it fit on the head. Lastly I added a mustache from the Community Shape Generator using the same methods as the nose. For the house I started out with a basic cube and played around with the hole tool to make a door. I then made a roof, and measured it out so that it would fit the house. I then used the alignment tool to make sure it was on the center of the house and not coming over one side more than the other. I then added an attic window by using the tube, shrinking it, flipping it, and aligning it.

Items 27-39. I was exploring the Community Shape Generator and was inspired by a maze like item to create a scene. So i placed the item and adjusted the size. Then I placed three trees. At first I thought they were very awkward trees, then I discovered you have to pull on them to make them larger (and more tree-like). After that I placed seven flowers at the entrance of the maze by using the CTR+C and CTR+V function. I then found a bridge in the Community Shape Generators that I adjusted to be the entrance to my maze. After I found the asteroid which I placed in the center, raising it up so it sat on top of the maze and adjusting it so it wasn’t too large. Lastly I found the sun and placed it above the scene, shrinking it down to an appropriate size.

For 40-45 I played around with the wrapped text. I started by creating a cylinder and a smaller hole cylinder. I used the alignment tool to make sure it was in the center of the cylinder before grouping the items. I then used the C letter to create the handle, flipping it so it faced properly. I then experimented with the wrapped text, shrunk it down, and put it on the mug.

For my last items, 46-50, i played around with some different commands. I started by making cheese, using the roof item and expanding it so it looks more like cheese, I then flipped it and used various different sphere shapes and sizes to create holes in it. After that I imported a mouse from thingiverse and used workplane to place it on the wedge tool. Next I explored the CRT+D tool by taking a pyramid and moving it back on space then repeating the process. I ended that by grouping all the items. Next I repeated the steps but with a heart, and instead of going backwards one space I went up, and made the heart smaller, then repeated CTR+D until it was a peak. Lastly I played with the items in the Extra tab, starting with the chicken feet, and aligning the egg to it as the body. I then put bunny ears on it, and aligned it with the body, raising it by hand. I then used the letter B and C to create a hole and act as the eyes and mouth.