Creating 50 Different Objects In Tinkercad

Welcome to me going from trying to be creative to me desperately trying to be creative. For my first few forms I made a compass (read: tried to make a compass) and an old time cartoonish bomb and some upset looking south park-ish emoji sort of figure.


The more I played around with tinkercad the more I discovered the possibilities of 3-d printing. I tried to make a series of lego blocks which i thought would be interesting to play around with in real life but I also realized that the symmetry of the cylinders probably played a more important role than I realized when creating them. I also tried to create a water tower and a sort of sun type figure.

As I got farther along in the figures I started racking my brain for things that might be useful when 3-d printed and could only really come up with a mug. But then i got that horrible notion of usefulness out of my head and just started trying things. I tried to emulate something similar to the hello kitty logo, the sub pop logo, a stick figure, and an ‘i’ for the imaginary numbers!

The more and more i made things the more i became interested in what certain shapes would look like when put together. I thought the parabola shape paired with the half sphere would be interesting as well as the half sphere with a flattened sphere to make a UFO type figure. I also tried to make handcuffs but immediately realized they probably wouldn’t be very useful at all considering there lack of mobility by the way the tubes were placed. I also tried to create a gameboy console and a speaker box.

I don’t really have great rhyme or reason to any of these shapes. I just found myself exploring farther and farther down with the different shapes under the shapes tab i became more and more interested by the possibilities presented to me. So this screenshot is just essentially me playing around with that.

In this tab I tried to create a series of gyrating gears, a four leafed clover out of heart shapes, a sort of cart on donut wheels and others. The others mainly consist of a thought popping in my head saying, ” what would these look like together?

On this plane I tried to create a ring with a star on top of it, an ax with the edge and cylinder tool, a sort of dual sided pyramid, one sided dice and a rounded bottom pyramid.

In this plane I tried to create a house, another sort of surprised emoji face, and all the others are just abstract kind of shapes that i thought would look interesting when paired with one another.

In this I tried to recreate the NPR logo, a basketball hoop, three kinds of spinning tops that i thought may look interesting when put into motion and last but not least some more odd robot emoji faces.

This assignment really helped me familiarize myself with more methods of using tinkercad and how to navigate around within the workspace. I feel a stronger sense of capability when trying to take a thought for a shape and making it into something more concrete and printable now.