Catapult and Hoop


Lead Designer: Manuel Ferriol

Lead Writer: Manuel Ferriol


For my project I am trying to do a catapult where I can swing a coin and a container where I can score the coin. I have been watching some models in Tinkercad and I am trying to use them as a model or as en example for my project. Before that I started doing a first draft, this first draft consists on a rectangle on the base and a link on top of that. On top of that, I put a paraboloide with a ring around it, that ring will help me to put the coin inside the structure.

On the other side, I tried to make another type of catapult. I combine boxes as a base and then I put an arrow with a semicircle in the top so I can put the coin on it.

I think printing the catapult is going  to be the most diffuclut part of my project.


During last I printed my first draft of the work. Actually, I just printed one part of it because I was trying to figure it out if it would work. This piece was the catapulte and was the hardest thing. After printing it I had some satifactory feelings at the beginning, it worked and all pieces printed correctly. However, when I triedto flick the catapulte it broke.



For this second part of my project I tried to change the shape of the catapult a bit, in order to give more flexibility to it. I honestly think it will work and I will be able to flick the ball into the hoop. In order to make the hoop, I used a few rectangles combining them with a cilinder (as a stick form) and a ring, that represents the hoop.


Finally, in order to show my final project I posted a picture of the real final hoop and catapult.