Week 4 – Iterate Tinkercad project

// Roundup //

Last week you started groupĀ Tinkercad Design Projects. This week you’ll do test prints and iterate those projects. Our timeline goals are that Week 5 will involve more iteration and final prints, and then we’ll have final presentations for this project in Week 6.

// Today: Iterate your Tinkercad project //

  • Send test prints to the 3D printers as soon as possible. Anything that takes an hour or less should be fine. Keep in mind that you might only need to print a small piece of your project for first tests. Longer prints can be done outside of class.
  • Discuss with your partner: What needs changing in your design? What can be improved from your first version? Record your thoughts and progress in the same blog post you started last week.
  • By next week’s class you should be nearly ready to make final prints of your design.
  • If you haven’t already for some reason, make sure you’ve filled out theĀ Card Swipe Access Agreement, so that you have access to the 3SPACE classroom outside of class hours.
  • Don’t forget to send a test print to the printer when your print has completed.

// For Next Time //

Complete first-round prints or test prints and document your progress; see the Assignments page for details.