Studded Ring

For this assignment we used the softwares Fusion360 and Meshmixer. To be honest at first Fusion360 was very difficult to understand, but I really liked how detailed and complex the gadgets were. I began my design by using the tutorial that was posted and went from there. After following the steps in the tutorial I ended up with a pretty simple model of a ring. I wanted to add a little twist to the model so I made the ring a little taller, which gave a thicker look.

Next I begin messing around in Meshmixer to add more detail to my design. This is where I started to test out the different tools to create an interesting pattern on the ring. With my design I wanted to have something with symmetry and protruding features, so after playing around for a while I finally created something that I thought looked pretty cool. In my design I increased the mesh and instead of meshing the whole ring I only did certain parts of it. To make sure that the patterns would be evenly spread I counted spaces for where they would go. I also used the face group technique to ensure that the pattern would solely stay in that area. It was a tedious process, but I think it was worth it because the product came out pretty nice. 

Now for the final product I think it turned out pretty good. It took a couple prints to get it where I wanted it, but I kind of expected that. I really like how the patterns protruding from the ring are subtle, however, when you put it on you feel them really well. This project was a little more difficult than others, but I really enjoyed it because it allowed us to explore other programs and create something cool. On Shapeways I order this ring it in the strong & flexible plastic, so I am looking forward to it getting here and seeing how it turned out!