A Pure Ring

Fusion 360 is similar to other cad software programs but it did take me a moment to familiarize myself with the tools and where they were before I got started.

I measured my chosen finger with a caliper and looked up the right ring size for me. Apparently it is a size 6, which meant my ring diameter had to be 17.3 mm.

When I was thinking about the design of the ring I was moreso thinking about a ring I need. I have a purity ring my dad gave me when I turned 16. I thought, what better way to reestablish my beliefs than to make my own purity ring. I asked my boyfriend to send me a picture of his purity ring because I thought it would be so cool if mine looked similar but the two colors of metal were inverted on mine.


The inner ring would be a silver and the outer ring would be a nice dark metal. His is vice versa. This is what my final ring looked like.

Next, I wanted to put my ring in mesh mixer. I decided a simple cross would do just nicely on the side of my ring. However, fusion 360 wouldn’t let me save as an stl.

I did however, print my ring plain and it did come out a little smaller than expected, I went ahead and changed the ring size in fusion 360 to a size 8 and reprinted. It fit well.