Openscad-a problem I strongly dislike lead to a cute little thang

Not going to lie. I hate openScad with a passion. However, though my grievances, I learned a lot and hoping I can share the “joys” of my journey with you all.

I opened the program. um. Okay.

Lets try something easy. Lets rotate an extruded sphere that has a radius of 5.

um..excuse me..OpenScad. Wt* dude. Why isn’t my extruded sphere with a radius of 5 showing up????

Okay. Back to basics. Lets do a square.

Omg..progress people. Okay lets do a sphere all smooth. Thanks $fn. okay.. I’ll see what happens when I insert a cylinder. hmmm.. Okay but I want to try the other functions too.



Lets try to difference this thing! Opps. a cylinder differencing from a sphere would not 3D print well. How about the other way


Ahh..Thats better. Wait. Haha. I accidently redid the ring project! This was a long journey for me…Lets print


look at you, my beautiful ring.

BAHAHA! #dead

meet my new keychain accessory that has taught me to always persevere