The Legend of Zelda Pencil Holder

I started fiddling with different shapes in Tinkercad and originally, I made a triforce keychain using 3 triangles and a loop.

As I kept fooling around and followed the tutorials on Tinkercad, I later made a box with a hollow cube on its inside to make a pencil holder.  I decided to add my triforce keychain design to each side of the box.  I really liked using the hollow tool, so I made hollow text to put into the box saying “The Legend of Zelda” around it.

Once I had the text the correct size and lined up, I made little iconic item designs that are in the Zelda games.  I made a Rupee, heart container, dungeon key, and Navi the fairy.  I really liked the design so I uploaded it to Cura and printed it out.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake in Tinkercad lining up the key with the box and the key is hovering in the air, so the machine could not print that design.  Also, the design for Navi was too fragile and the piece fell off, but everything else turned out really well.

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