rest of the semester…

Tues 11/28 or Thurs 11/30: Show off code, photograph rings

  • Let’s show off the rings! Come up to the front and quickly show what you printed. What are your next steps? Are you going to iterate your design and/or re-order in a fancier material?
  • While that is going on, people can individually photograph their rings in the light box that is set up at the side of the room. Backgrounds, a phone stand, and a clip-on macro lens are also available for you to use.
  • Explain your OpenSCAD code to your partner until they understand how it works to produce the 3D model you have printed. This type of explanation is what you should eventually include in your blog post for this project.
  • Homework for next week: Start your OpenSCAD blog post and then take the project a step further (see the Assignments page for details). Also re-order your ring if you like.

Tues 12/5 or Thurs 5/7:

  • Any remaining rings to show off?
  • How did you take your code further from last week?
  • Anything small you’ve been dying to print for yourself? Go ahead 🙂

Finals week:

  • No final exam meeting, but all final blog post revisions are due.