Row Well Ring

I decided that I wanted to put the phrase “Row Well and Live” on my ring after trying a few different designs and growing frustrated. This was a phrase that my AFROTC commander taught us, explaining that it signified […]

Studded Ring

For this assignment we used the softwares Fusion360 and Meshmixer. To be honest at first Fusion360 was very difficult to understand, but I really liked how detailed and complex the gadgets were. I began my design by […]

Klingon Ring

So my ring has the klingon symbol from Star Trek on it, that is going to be printed in pink acrylic material. I chose this design because I’m getting back into Star Trek and I wanted a piece of Star Trek themed merch that didn’t […]

Psalm Ring

For my Ring Project I decided to do something a bit different. I was trying to think of what to put on my ring and I finalized on a Bible verse. For the style of my ring I originally chose to cut out the middle […]

Crown Ring

November 15, 2017 Gwen Han

Originally, I was going for a type of ring where it wraps around the finger (shown below). I messed around a lot with the stencil and images (re-meshing and different images), coming up with different images on […]

Shell Ring

Reiterating that I have never participated in a technology class similar to 3D Printing before, each project enlightens me on a different creation that I never thought was possible through 3D printing. As a fashion lover myself […]

Pinky Ring

For this assignment, I designed a pinky ring using the 3D design program called Fusion. I started by going through the tutorial that was provided to learn to make the ring. I went through all the steps and then I decided to change […]

Smiley Ring with Spikes

November 14, 2017 TJ Bush

This ring project presented several challenges for me, and was certainly the biggest test that I have encountered in this class thus far. I ended up having to make two separate base designs for my ring, and had to make several design iterations for both base designs. […]

JMU Gift Ring

This assignment I found particularly challenging. I felt as if I was behind the 8-ball from the start. The first step we took as a class was to learn how to make a common ring design, and bring it to actuality. Upon the completion of […]

Week 12 – OpenSCAD!

November 14, 2017 mathgrrl

// Cleanup // Any problems with your ring orders? Anything about Shapeways that needs discussing? I have now added a “Fusion 360 Ring” category to WordPress. Please tag your ring posts with this category *right now* so you don’t forget. There was a problem with […]

Swoosh Ring

I created my ring using Fushion 360. It took me a while to figure out what kind of ring I wanted. After a while, I decided that It would be easier to just keep my design simple. I decided to put a smaller ring that would […]

Crown Ring

I used the template ring that we had been instructed on how to make through the power point. I was happy with the way the ring looked, so i didn’t want to alter the actual shape of the ring, i.e., the way the ring curved […]

Spool Ring

For this assignment, I began with the ring design that we made in class based on the ring tutorial. From there I wanted to make the ring have two outer edges, which makes it look similar to a spool. The way in which […]

Week 11 – 3D Printing in Nylon and Metals

November 7, 2017 mathgrrl

Today everyone will order copies of their ring designs from Shapeways! You can order a metal ring or you can order an inexpensive SLS Nylon ring for under $10 including shipping. If you need financial assistance please see me outside of class. Step 1: Upload […]

Week 9 – Patterning Rings with Meshmixer

October 24, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // By today’s class you should have an STL file of a “blank” ring that you have printed a prototype of so that it fits you, designed in Fusion 360. // Today // This week we’ll continue with theĀ Fusion/Meshmixer Stamp Ring Project, and […]

Week 8 – Basic Ring in Fusion

October 17, 2017 mathgrrl

How did the tutorials go? What did you make for your five things in Fusion? When we’re all ready, we’ll start this design walkthrough together: Fusion/Meshmixer Stamp Ring Project I’ll write some homework on the Assignments page before the end of class, depending on how […]

Week 6 – Tinkercad Design Presentations

October 3, 2017 mathgrrl

Today you will present your Tinkercad projects! First, 10 minutes to iron some things out: If you’ve got more than one blog post for this project, combine the posts now. You should have just one post, with multiple sections. Get your prints together to show […]

3D Treasure Chest

For our project we decided to create a miniature treasure chest that you can carry around. After looking at numerous designs on Tinkercad and Thingiverse we came up with the idea and decided to give it a try. Typically, when you […]

Week 5 – Keep going…

September 26, 2017 mathgrrl

Keep working on your Tinkercad Design Projects Send prints to the printers as needed (must finish by end of class today) Each group show me your “Iterating the Design” section and talk to me about what you’ve accomplished since the end of last week’s class […]

3D Stamp

September 20, 2017 Gwen Han

After much brainstorming and having a hard time thinking up a good idea for what we wanted to create, we finally decided to make a stamp of the JMU logo. The difficult part was not making the main piece (the stamp) on […]

The Grocer Grapple

September 19, 2017 Eli

We decided to create a fully functional grocery bag holder that fits into the palm of your hand. After checking Thingiverse, we realized that there was a noticeableĀ lack of grocery bag holders that were functional and/or comfortable. Some had “hooks” that were arranged […]

Week 4 – Iterate Tinkercad project

September 19, 2017 mathgrrl

// Roundup // Last week you started groupĀ Tinkercad Design Projects. This week you’ll do test prints and iterate those projects. Our timeline goals are that Week 5 will involve more iteration and final prints, and then we’ll have final presentations for this project in Week […]

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