A Pure Ring

Fusion 360 is similar to other cad software programs but it did take me a moment to familiarize myself with the tools and where they were before I got started. I measured my chosen finger with a caliper and looked up the right […]

Fifty Forms

September 12, 2017 Emily Barrett

  This week, we were tasked with designing fifty forms in the program, TinkerCad. I designed the first 10 in TinkerCad, the next 10 in RhinoCad, and then I went crazy in TinkerCad creating a totally unprintable scene. Forms 1-10 For the first ten forms […]


September 1, 2017 Emily Barrett

Hi there! My name is Emily Barrett and I am a Junior in Industrial Design. I am so excited that I can take it as my lab requirement because 3D printing is a huge part of what I do in my major. I do have […]