Love Ring

In this assignment, I created a ring, which I imported from Fusion 360. I just followed the steps Dr. Taalman provided for us. To make this ring unique, I used the shell tool at the end of creating the ring and set it to .75 […]

My favorite 50 forms

September 12, 2017 Imana Casero

For this week assignment we were supposed to come up with 50 figures designed by ourselves in Tinkercad. I´ve divided my project in three different designs that I will show up right now.             In the first design I’ve worked […]


September 4, 2017 Imana Casero

Hello I´m Fernando Casero and I´m a student in the 3D Printing Class. I´m 20 years old and I´m originally from Zaragoza, Spain. I´m doing a double major in Economics and Finance. I´m a sophomore and I´m usually called Joe or Nando. I haven´t had […]