Cat Ring

After trying a couple different stamp designs in Meshmixer, I decided I was not satisfied with how it looked, so I went online for inspiration for other rings that might be easier. I wanted to try to make a ring with cat ears like […]

Fifty Forms with Tinkercad

September 14, 2017 Kate Penney

I started this project by taking a look around for common objects I could create in Tinkercad. I started by creating a tube of lipstick. I used cylinders to create most of it, a ring to add detail to the tube, and then a wedge […]


September 5, 2017 Kate Penney

Hi there! My name is Kate. I am a senior Computer Science major, Asian Studies minor from the Harrisonburg area. I spend a lot of my free time during the semester working as a lab assistant, where I help students with their programming assignments and […]