Monday 11/13 – Related Rates

// Announcements

  • Do we have a Friday Quiz this week, right before break? Yes, we do. You may drop one Friday Quiz, so this might be the quiz that you decide to drop. However, please note that your midterm grade estimates were calculated based on dropping your previous lowest quiz, so be careful; you may not want to switch your drop!

// Before class

  • You know the drill but I’ll say it anyway — Read and take notes on Section 3.5

// During class

  • Daily Quiz on Section 3.5
  • Group work and discussion of Section 3.5

// After class

  • Do all homework for Section 3.5 before Wednesday. Section 4.1 is a bit of a doozy with lots of algebra, so you’ll want to get Section 3.5 out of the way as soon as possible in order to have time to work on Section 4.1 in time for the Friday Quiz
  • Read and take notes on Section 4.1 for Wednesday’s Daily Quiz.