Common questions

// Can I estimate my grade during the semester?

YES, you can do this at any time. See the Grades information page to learn how.

// How much homework do I need to do?

Whatever makes you feel like you have completely mastered each section and would be ready for any of the exercises from that section to be asked on a quiz or test. See the Homework Notebook information page for more guidance.

// When are the Homework Quizzes?

The first Homework Quiz will be a double quiz on Wednesday, January 18. The remaining Homework Quizzes will occur during future Problems Days, and will not be announced in advance.

// Do I have to wait until a daily blog post is published before I know what to do “before class”?

NO, just look at the “after class” list from the day before.  Each “before class” list is just a brief recap of the high points of the previous day’s “after class” list, and is usually posted well after you should already have everything completed, just as a reminder.  🙂