Getting help and asking questions

Here is a breakdown of the many ways that you can and should seek help in MATH 232 this semester.

// For day-to-day studying, form a Study Group

Find people to work with outside of class, and meet with them often. If you don’t already have a study group then you can find people to work with by posting on the Slack studygroup channel.

// For regular help on homework problems, go to the SMLC

The JMU Science and Math Learning Center is on the first floor of the Student Success Center, and is open on Mondays through Thursdays from 10am–8pm, on Fridays from 10am–2pm, and on Sundays from 5pm–8pm. If the SMLC is too busy when you visit, then choose a less popular time to visit. Camp out there and do your homework in a place where you can ask free tutors for help anytime you need it! The SMLC is a particularly good place for your study groups to meet.

// To ask the professor a question between classes, use Slack

Make use of our “continuous office hours” by posting questions to the general channel in our Slack group. If you’re asking about a homework problem then be sure to include a photo of the problem and/or your work on it so far. Ask specific questions that show you’ve already spent some time thinking about the problem; for example, ask “what do I do after I find the roots?”, not “how do you do #72?”. If your question is personal then you can use a direct message in Slack.

// To request that a problem be discussed during the next class, use the Questions Form

As time permits, I’ll use some class time to answer whatever people ask on the Questions Forms. Probably the best time to use these forms is right before class as you come in and sit down, directly from your phone. Please use the correct form for the time of your section of class:

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