Monday 4/3 – Recap of the midterm

// Before class

  • Recover from the midterm, catch up with anything you needed to

// During class

  • Get your midterms back
  • Reminder of how to compute your grades
  • Work in groups and class discussion to try to get to 100% mastery on all questions on the midterm exam

// After class

  • Read BOTH Section 3.1 (the Mean Value Theorem) and Section 7.5. In Wednesday’s class we will talk about the Mean Value Theorem and about some of the introductory material from Section 7.5, so Wednesday’s Daily Quiz will be something about that.

// Looking to the final…

Remember that every midterm exam consists of some of the questions that could be asked from the material we covered. This means that, when you study for the final, it won’t be sufficient to only review the questions from the midterms.

To help illustrate this, here are just some of your answers to “What could have been on the exam, but wasn’t?”:

  • Graphing Riemann sums
  • Integral that is solved with the reverse product rule
  • Other sigma notation questions
  • Find the general Riemann sum of an approximation and then use sum formulas to compute it
  • Approximate an area using the Trapezoid Sum
  • Take the limit as n goes to infinity of a Riemann sum
  • More questions on proofs that we covered (both geometric and algebraic)
  • Upper and Lower Riemann Sums
  • Using definite integral formulas to actually calculate a definite integral exactly
  • Physics/velocity or data applications that use Riemann Sum approximations
  • Questions about what definite integrals calculate
  • The Horizontal Asymptote Theorem
  • Proving the sum formulas or the other definite integral formulas
  • Write an expanded sum in sigma notation, or vice-versa
  • State the definition of the definite integral in terms of limits and sigma notation
  • Proof that the definite integral of a sum is the sum of definite integrals

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