Other Homework Quizzes

// How many?

After the double Homework Review Quiz there will be a total of four additional Homework Quizzes spread throughout the semester.  You’ll be able to drop one, so that’s a total of “five” Homework Quizzes (2+4-1 = 5) that will count towards your grade.

// When will they be?

The remaining Homework Quizzes will not be announced in advance, except that they will take place on three of the “Problems Days”, which are scheduled on the Class Calendar.

// What if I miss one?

You can’t make up Homework Quizzes, so please always plan to be in class on Problems Days. However, you can drop your lowest Homework Quiz (or half of the Review Quiz), so if you do miss one then you can use it as your drop.

// Can we use our Notebooks?

Yes, you can use your MATH 232 Homework Notebook on every Homework Quiz. (However, on tests and the final you will only be allowed to use your Notebook for a small fraction of the exam time.)