Hello and welcome to Math 245!

The website you are at right now will be the the home for all announcements, assignments, and information for our class, so save this link:

We won’t be using Canvas for this course, except perhaps to post some mid-semester grades. Check out the resource links on the right for more information about the class.

Test 2 is coming…

Test 2 will cover everything since Test 1, which means:

  • Chapter 4 (sections 4.1 through 4.5)
  • Chapter 5 (sections 5.1 through 5.4)
  • Chapter 6 (sections 6.1 through 6.3 only)

Start reviewing early if you can! I suggest re-reading the sections, reviewing basic notation, making sure you can do the straightforward homework problems very easily, and trying to strengthen your proof/logic skills. Good luck and post in Slack if you need anything…

SUMS Extra Credit – Details

To get 5 points extra credit in this course for attending the SUMS conference,

  • Go to the conference Saturday, October 13
    • Go to Dr. Crans’ opening address plus two student talks in the morning
    • OR go to Dr. Sellers’ opening address plus two student talks in the afternoon
    • The schedule should be available soon at
  • While you are at the conference be sure to register at the reception desk (if you didn’t register online already)
  • Type up a one-page reflection on your experiences
  • Hand in the writeup by Wednesday, October 17

If you have work or some other serious conflict on Saturday then you can get the same amount of extra credit with an alternate colloquium assignment:

  • Let me know by Thurdsay, October 11 that you plan to do this alternate assignment
  • Attend two math colloquium sessions
  • Type up a one-page reflection of your experiences
  • Hand in the writeup sometime later this semester

Remember, this is extra credit, and not a requirement for the course! Do it if you would like to, but don’t stress about it too much if you have other commitments or need to spend time working on homework or other things instead.

Department Picnic

Internship Opportunities at Career Fair

Need an internship or a job after graduation? Don’t miss the Campus-Wide Career & Internship Fair!

Dates: This Monday-Tuesday! September 24 & September 25
Time: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: Festival Conference Center
Why: Jobs and internships are available for ALL MAJORS!

Who’s Coming to Career Fair?

  • The most up-to-date and detailed list of employers and positions they are recruiting for is available by logging into Handshake.
  • Different sets of employers will be attending Day 1 and Day 2, so we encourage you to attend both days.
  • Scroll down for lists of recommended employers to visit for each academic area.

Register on Handshake for a Boost at Career Fair

By selecting “Join Event” on the Campus-Wide Career Fair page in Handshake, you will get:

  • your resume posted for employers to learn about you before the fair
  • a free CAP t-shirt saved in your size (given out Oct. 2nd)!
  • a chance to win our $1,000 Career Fair scholarship!

Want to Learn More?

A free shuttle service will be running from lots R-10 and R-11 to Festival throughout the day.

Take a Free Photo in Your Professional Attire:
Check out the LinkedIn Photo Booth to get your picture taken while dressed in your Career Fair best.


  • Bring copies of your resume
  • Dress professionally
  • Research employers before the fair

Note from Dr. Quertermous:  This career fair is not just for seniors. At least 10 companies each day are specifically recruiting math or statistics majors for internships, and it’s never too early to start learning about career opportunities.

SUMS Conference – Extra Credit

Extra credit opportunity:  Attend either keynote address plus two contributed student talks and write a one-page typed reflection of your day at SUMS for 5 points.  Students that are unable to attend SUMS due to work or other obligations please contact me before October 1 for an alternate opportunity.

Register for the conference at the SUMS website:

Including Graphics in LaTeX Documents

To include a graphic in your Overleaf LaTeX document, you must do three things:

  1. Add the line “\usepackage{graphicx}” after the other \usepackage command at the top of the document;
  2. Upload a JPG graphic file to your document by pressing the “Project” button and then clicking the arrow that appears when you hover over “Files” in the sidebar, the selecting “Upload from Computer”;
  3. Add the line “\includegraphics[width=3in]{filename}” somewhere in your document, choosing an appropriate width and using the name of your JPG file.

Add/Drop Deadline

The deadline for dropping Fall semester classes is Tuesday, September 4. Be sure to check your course catalog and ask your advisor before making any changes!

Math Colloquium

On Mondays the JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosts a weekly colloquium series. Speakers are sometimes visitors from other schools, and sometimes faculty from our own department. Most talks are designed to be accessible to undergraduates, and you are encouraged to attend if you can! Colloquium talks are about an hour long and start at 3:50pm, in Roop 103. Cookies and refreshments are served at 3:30pm in the same room. Check out the JMU Math/Stat Colloquium Schedule for weekly updates.

If you look at the schedule, you’ll notice that the first speaker is your professor for this course!

In this talk I’ll be speaking about mathematical 3D printing and design, and will bring a lot of interesting 3D printed models to pass around the room. I hope you can come to this fun and accessible talk. I’m also recruiting students for my departmental 3D printing lab and for 3D design and research projects, so please to my talk come if you think you might have an interest in joining my 3D team this semester.

First Day Logistics

Here’s what we’ll do during the first day of class. If you join the class late then make sure you do these things on your own as soon as possible.

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