TEMPLATE – Student Portfolio

Copy the text of this post and paste it into a new post of your own. Each assignment is due by noon (two hours before class) the next class day, by submission to Canvas. To submit your assignment, make sure your post is Published/Updated and then go the live version of the post on the class website. Copy the URL for the live version (not the Editing page) of your post and submit that URL to Canvas under the appropriate assignmnent.

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You will add to this Portfolio throughout the semester, with a different section for each assignment. Always be sure to check the Student Portfolio category and to set a landscape Featured Image (both of these things can be done from the right sidebar of the edit screen for the post). Before submitting, check that your Featured Image and Excerpt look good at the Student Portfolios page. What you will submit to Canvas for each assignment is the URL to the live version of your individual Portfolio post.

Please delete all these instructions before submitting your first assignment. You can always look at them again at the Template Student Portfolio post.


This is an example of what the first section in your Portfolio should look like. Compare it to the rubric/instructions on Canvas and then make your own.

Hi, my name is Laura Taalman and I’ve been teaching at JMU for twenty years. My day job is in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics here at JMU, but I’m also one of the directors of the JMU 3SPACE classroom and do a lot of teaching and scholarship work with 3D printing. I spent a couple of recent years in New York City working in industry, with the 3D printing companies Ultimaker, Shapeways, and MakerBot. I’m known as “mathgrrl” on the internet when I’m wearing my 3D printing hat.

I have a lot of experience with puzzles because I’m a geeky mathematician and it’s literally part of my job to think about things like that. However there are lots of details I don’t know, and plenty of puzzles I haven’t even heard of or seen. I look forward to learning new things with you as we explore puzzles this semester.

Here is a picture of me that I guess I’m okay with putting here because it’s hard to see me with the sun in your eyes:

You can find me online at the following links: