Wed Jan 15 – Puzzles overview and Tinkercad introduction

Part 1: Print something!

  • Choose an existing 3D puzzle model from Thingiverse and print it. Make it small so it will print before the end of class. (There is a class after ours on Wednesdays.) One of your two blog post homework assignments will be to photograph and document this print.

Part 2: Finish puzzle tour

  • See the remaining videos from the previous post and discuss puzzle/design features.

Part 3: Design a cube puzzle in Tinkercad

  • Your week-long assignment (since there is no class on Monday) is to design and print a simple 3D box puzzle using the online 3D design tool Tinkercad. Many of you have experience with other design programs, so if you want to use a different design program for this project then that is completely fine! Just make sure to document that part in your blog post writeup.
  • See the Getting Started with Tinkercad page for links to tutorials and videos about designing in Tinkercad, or use the Lessons from inside Tinkercad to get your bearings. Or just try things out and see what happens!
  • Technical tips:
    • Tinkercad is free and in-browser, so you can work on your design from any computer, inside or outside of 3SPACE.
    • Export your puzzle in STL format when you are ready to print it.
    • Then open the STL file Ultimaker Cura or LulzBot Cura (depending on the machine you are using) to “slice” it for the printer.
    • You have swipe card access to 3SPACE so you can come and print your puzzle at any time the Library is open.
    • See the instructions at the Using the 3SPACE Printers page if you need a refresher on using Cura or the printers.
  • Your second blog post assignment for this week will be to document your puzzle box design and print. You will need screenshots of your design and photographs of your printed puzzle, so plan accordingly to make the deadline (Wednesday 1/22 at noon). See the Canvas page for full instructions and rubric, and the Posting to WordPress page for tips on writing your post.
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