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Hi, I am Yue Luo. I am from China. I am a Senior student at JMU. My major is Hospitality Management and I am glad to study at JMU. After finishing my studies at JMU, I would like to go back to my hometown and find a good hotel to start my work. I have visited Cancun last year, here is my photo.


I have a dog. His name is Xiexie and I love him so much. Here is his photo.

I do not have any experience with 3D puzzles. However, I am so excited to learn 3D puzzles in this course. In my mind, it is a challenge game and people would spend a lot of time to finish a complex 3D puzzles. If I have a chance I must try once.


You can find me on these websites:

Yue Luo on Thingiverse

Yue Luo on Tinkercad

Yue Luo on Sketchfab


Initial puzzle research

The first puzzle I find is called All Metal Puzzles. I am so interested in this one because it looks so difficult to solve. It has 6 pieces of metal puzzles and they are locked. These metal puzzles are curving and they look almost the same, so you can not recognize them easily. Your purpose is to unlock them so you have to try over and over again to figure out how it works. I would like to extend them like a metal puzzle has 6 parts and six parts are locked together. The purpose is to unlock metal puzzles and separate the six parts.

The second puzzle I find is called Puzzle Harry Potter 3D Wrebbit. For this type of puzzle, people need to use hundreds or even thousands of fragments to build a whole puzzle. It is not like the metal puzzle, it has a lot of fragments so people need time to finish it. I would like to extend it by trying to modified the color of the fragments. If all the fragments is the same color, this puzzle would be much harder.

In my opinion, the metal puzzle is more focused on thinking and Puzzle Harry Potter 3D Wrebbit is more focused on hands.


Thingiverse puzzle print

Triple Twins designed by AndresMF

Model link here

I choose this puzzle because it looks so interesting. Print it out and I have to think about how to assemble it. It is composed of triple twins and a frame. I did not have any trouble to print it. I print all as one file and I found that the puzzle is smaller than I think it would be. What’s more when I first print the case it is broken. I have to print it again. Now it looks good.

I like this puzzle. In my opinion, print a puzzle is not difficult and does not interest me. The most fun part is to assemble it. I would like to print more interesting puzzles to assemble it.



Here is my post.

Tinkercad cube puzzle

It is my first time to design a puzzle and it is really exciting. I tried to design my puzzle as complex as possible. First I am sure about I want a cube square. Then I need to separate it into cubes and triangles. The most challenge part is that after designing the cubes and triangles, I need a center to support them. The center is difficult to design because it is a polyhedron. I used other cubes and triangles to group it on Tinkercard. It cost me about 1 hour.  

This is my center.              

I have no trouble to print it but assembling the puzzle is hard. I found that because I have triangles, I need a case to support it or it will scatter. I will fix it in my future version.