Thingiverse puzzle print

the puzzle I found and chose to print can be found here

Puzzle Cube (easy print no support)

designed by : Wildrosebuilds.

I chose this puzzle because I like the design of pieces having to seemingly mesh together and that is what I want to do for my own puzzle that I am designing now. the print was very easy but took way longer than I thought. I am impressed that it didn’t need scaffolding or support to print the hanging section. this software is so smart. this design will lend heavily to my design and I like to have the pieces be similar to make the puzzle alittle harder than just lego building it up.


due to the time it took to print though I didn’t not get all three pieces of the puzzle. I plan to print the third to day and will comeback and put the photo of the completed puzzle here.


apologies for the lack of photos.