3-D Celtic Leaf

February 12, 2020 Whitney Cauthen

Project Summary My final project is two-fold. I created two prototypes for my final project to try and narrow down which direction I wanted to go, the winner is….both. I am going to be daring and see if I can create two both designs. From […]

Final Project

February 10, 2020 Beanie Hakki

Summary For my final project, I wanted it to reflect what I was interested in as a student, as well as create an interesting and creative concept to 3D puzzles. What I landed on was creating a puzzle that turns into an object, and this […]

Puzzle Box

February 10, 2020 Rachel Christie

Project Summary My goal for this project is to design and create a puzzle box using many influences from the Japanese style.  I plan to use moveable panels that fit together with french cleats, a top panel that is released by some sort of puzzle […]


February 10, 2020 DanielM

Project Summary For my final project I decided to come up with a Japanese style puzzle box that I plan to 3D print. I want to add some tricky tricks and have some sort of prize hidden in the center. like a candy or something. […]

Ambiguous Amphibian

February 10, 2020 Grace Chang

Project Summary For my final project, I intend to create a puzzle that looks almost like a piece of art. I decided to sculpt my final project out of air-dry clay into a unique figure. I then plan to scan the figure down in the […]

M.Eva – Multi-Puzzle

February 9, 2020 Evalina Junkin

Project Summary A two-part cube puzzle consisting of a blocky hollow inner puzzle and a decorative panel outer façade puzzle.  Each puzzle can be disassembled and reassembled into a platform and pedestal.  The object inside the inner cube (if anything) can be displayed on top […]

Gavin Tomchick – [Deceive]

February 9, 2020 Gavin Tomchick

 Project Summary The idea behind this project is a puzzle which is an iteration of the classic hedgehog puzzle both with a different shaped prison and object contained within. Photo Credit: http://smallpuzzlecollection.blogspot.com/2013/06/hedgehog-in-cage.html Prototype The thought process behind this prototype was to find an initial shape that […]

Mon Feb 10 – Fusion 360

February 9, 2020 mathgrrl

Get a Fusion 360 account Fusion 360 is already on the desktop computers in 3SPACE. You can log into Fusion 360 with your Autodesk email and password (which will be the same as your Tinkercad username and password, since Autodesk also owns Tinkercad). If you […]

Nesting Tiger Puzzle

February 9, 2020 Jordan Brink

Project Summary I would like to create a nested puzzle that includes two decorative “shells”, each resembling an animal. On the innermost layer of the shells is a simple puzzle, maybe one that you have to rotate or stack the pieces of to solve. Prototype […]