Adding randomness to your designs

April 20, 2020 mathgrrl

Here is some OpenSCAD code you can add to your design to incorporate into your parameters: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // CONTROLLING THE RANDOMNESS // controls scaling of elements in random subsequence1 // number from 0 (min allowable) to 10 (max allowable) style1 = 7; // controls likelihood […]

Daniel Musikanth OpenSCAD

April 5, 2020 DanielM

First OpenSCAD design Above is the piston head itself. hollowed out and has a piston ring area. Below is the whole assembly. ignore the yellow cylinders going through the assembly that is just for me to reference. So ive decided to design a piston and […]

Gavin Tomchick OpenScad!

First OpenSCAD Design So this week in OpenSCAD, I decided to do my best attempt at  a basic golf club since I was feeling sporty (no sports due to corona :p ). The code below is entirely my own. My design process was very disorganized […]

Rachel’s OpenSCAD projects

First OpenSCAD Design For this initial project, I was inspired by the overwhelming amount of nail polish I own and cannot seem to organize.  I used really basic functions (mostly translate) to design this object but I am overall proud of myself and am happy […]

Patricia’s OpenSCAD Projects

April 5, 2020 Quagsire

First OpenSCAD Design I followed mathcodeprint ‘s tutorial on how to make a box because I was struggling with writing code and understanding it. Their videos have been really helpful so far so go check them out!!! I do have a tip when writing this code: Watch […]

M.Eva – OpenSCAD Makes

First OpenSCAD Design I made a pencil/pen holder.  I tried to start relatively simple to start out.  In order to make it I had did have to go back and follow the code used in the PolyBowl video because I still don’t completely remember how […]