February 10, 2020 DanielM

Project Summary For my final project I decided to come up with a Japanese style puzzle box that I plan to 3D print. I want to add some tricky tricks and have some sort of prize hidden in the center. like a candy or something. […]

Thingiverse puzzle print

January 22, 2020 DanielM

the puzzle I found and chose to print can be found here Puzzle Cube (easy print no support) designed by : Wildrosebuilds. I chose this puzzle because I like the design of pieces having to seemingly mesh together and that is what I want to […]

Daniel Musikanth Portfolio

January 20, 2020 DanielM

Hello Hi, my name is Daniel Musikanth. I transferred to JMU from Northern Virginia Community Colleges two semesters ago. I am majoring in Chemistry and minoring in education as I want to teach chemistry. that may change though because I want to pursue a PhD […]