Gavin Tomchick OpenScad!

First OpenSCAD Design So this week in OpenSCAD, I decided to do my best attempt at  a basic golf club since I was feeling sporty (no sports due to corona :p ). The code below is entirely my own. My design process was very disorganized […]

Gavin Tomchick – [Deceive]

February 9, 2020 Gavin Tomchick

 Project Summary The idea behind this project is a puzzle which is an iteration of the classic hedgehog puzzle both with a different shaped prison and object contained within. Photo Credit: Prototype The thought process behind this prototype was to find an initial shape that […]

Gavin Tomchick – Portfolio

Hello, my name is Gavin Tomchick, I am a Junior Engineering Major and Math Minor from Falls Church, VA. I enjoy both watching and playing various sports (my favorite are wrestling and football). If I am not being active I’m being overly competitive when playing […]