Adding randomness to your designs

April 20, 2020 mathgrrl

Here is some OpenSCAD code you can add to your design to incorporate into your parameters: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // CONTROLLING THE RANDOMNESS // controls scaling of elements in random subsequence1 // number from 0 (min allowable) to 10 (max allowable) style1 = 7; // controls likelihood […]


March 4, 2020 mathgrrl

Today we’ll watch the PolyBowls video to get started with OpenSCAD: Make and print a polybowl: Open a new file in OpenSCAD (download here if you want it on your own machine) Copy and paste the code in the description of the video into a new OpenSCAD […]

Mon Feb 10 – Fusion 360

February 9, 2020 mathgrrl

Get a Fusion 360 account Fusion 360 is already on the desktop computers in 3SPACE. You can log into Fusion 360 with your Autodesk email and password (which will be the same as your Tinkercad username and password, since Autodesk also owns Tinkercad). If you […]

Mon Jan 27 – One More Time

January 26, 2020 mathgrrl

Mini Showcase Bring your puzzles up to the front please 🙂 Puzzle Swap Choose someone else’s puzzle from the collection and try to solve it. Make a print of someone else’s puzzle! Look through the Portfolio posts and the puzzles on the table and choose […]

Introduction to the Course

January 12, 2020 mathgrrl

Welcome to the JMU 3SPACE classroom! For the duration of the semester you’ll have swipe card access to this room. Please follow the rules and regulations of this space. The short version: keep your prints small, don’t mess with the machines, report any problems, clean […]

TEMPLATE – Student Portfolio

January 6, 2020 mathgrrl

Copy the text of this post and paste it into a new post of your own. Each assignment is due by noon (two hours before class) the next class day, by submission to Canvas. To submit your assignment, make sure your post is Published/Updated and then […]