First Day Survey

Full name:  ___________________________________________

Nickname, pronunciation, and/or pronouns:  ____________________

Your major(s):  ________________________________________

Any minor(s): _________________________________________

Effective year at JMU, please circle one:   Freshman  /  Sophomore  /  Junior  /  Senior

Many of the students in this course are likely to be transfer students. Does this apply to you? If so, tell me about it 🙂



Do you need this course to count for your GenEd Critical Thinking Requirement?



If there were an option for this course to count for your GenEd Quantitative Reasoning Requirement, would you want to pursue it? (It would mean doing some more math-focused versions of the projects in this course, and I’m not even sure it is possible, but if there is interest then we can explore that option.)



Besides credit requirements, why are you taking *this* class?



No previous 3D printing or design experience is needed to take this class. Do you have any such experience anyway? Do you have any other knowledge or experience that you think might be useful in this class? (It’s okay if the answer is no!)



Something interesting about yourself: