Kolmas Punkt

Kolmas Punkt trailer from Alina Taalman on Vimeo.

Kolmas Punkt (The Third Point)
In Estonian with English subtitles
16mm / super 8 / digital
23 minutes

(From the 2019 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival program)

In orienteering, triangulation allows the lost wanderer to pinpoint a location. “If you know where you are standing, the triangle can help you find an unreachable third point,” says this film’s contemplative narrator. But, owing to the nonlinear space of the world we inhabit, this third point is often imprecise. Recognition of where one stands is more perceptual than factual. The daughter of Estonian immigrants, filmmaker Alina Taalman returns to her family’s homeland to see if she can fix a point on her family’s mercurial past. But in this ethereal, experimental film, experiencing is always a step removed from knowing. Comprehension of the past, and even knowledge of the present, is at best an approximation—if not outright fantasy. TAW

World Premiere screening:
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival / April 2019