Hello! My name is William Bush, but my friends and family call me TJ!

TJ Headshot 17

I am currently enrolled as a sophomore student at JMU, and I am a Business Management Major. I am also a proud member of the Men’s Soccer family here at JMU, so although I am a sophomore as far as academics are concerned, since I “red-shirted” my freshman year in the fall, I am technically still a freshman as far as sport eligibility goes. I am a goalkeeper on the soccer team.

I do not have any real experience with 3D printing in the past, all that I know about it is what I have read online about it, so I am excited to learn a lot more about it and to get some hands on experience with 3D printing. I do not have an extensive background in math either.

I took this class because a friend of mine took the class last year and suggested that I take it as well, so I am very excited to get going!