Hi! I’m Allison E. Jaggers.

   I’m a junior Graphic Design major, which actually falls in the School of Art, Desing, and Art History, and is pretty different from SMAD. So art basically eats up a lot of my life, but I can never be bored!

I’m more than just an art major, though. I’m a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, which has given me some of my best friends in the world, and a member of the Madisonians show choir here (so I can do art, sing, and dance. It’s wild!). Furthermore, I’m also a College of Visual and Performing Arts ambassador, so like a student ambassador but more focused on the art, dance, theatre, and music students because our programs work very differently from most others.

Those are most of the things that take up my time, but I have a few more fun facts for you: I recently became the sweetheart (or female representative) of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, I adore cows, and I love to bake. I’m a huge JMU comedy groupie and go to almost every show, and I’m always at the Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast because a lot of people I love are in it (and one of my best friends is directing it this year!)

I’m a pretty open book, if you want to ask me anything about the things I’m involved in, what I love to do, I’m happy to talk to you until you can hardly stand to listen to another word. And if you want to see my (albeit temporary) website with a lot of the things I’ve worked on, feel free to go here!