My name is David Bogaev

Hello! My name is David Bogaev and I am a student in this class.

I prefer to be called David, but if you wish you may call me Dave or Bogaev (pronounced Bo-gave). I heard about this class through a friend of mine and was very interested. I have seen several great things that can be done with 3D printing and thought it would be fun to learn more about it.

I am a Vocal Music Education major and it is my last semester of classes this semester as I prepare to student teach in the Spring. Music is my passion and I love to sing and listen to opera as much as possible. However, I still love to listen and jam out to Classic Rock on the radio. I also play the bagpipes and intend to continue to improve my musicianship on my bagpipes when I finish school.

I am excited to learn more about 3D printing as well as learning about the actual machines used to 3D print.