Hey Everyone, My name is Katia Zillic. I am a Junior (yikes, already?) Health Services Administration Major with a General Business Minor. I am from Manassas, Virginia, aka NoVa. I have little (no) experience with 3D printing, but am excited to learn about it and broaden my knowledge throughout the semester. I live off campus with two other girls and we have a cute cat named Mina. While at JMU, I enjoy cooking, cleaning my apartment (weird, I know), hanging out with some close friends, being involved in YoungLife College, holding the position of Marketing chair for HASA, and working my job at Madison Union. When my sister and brother don’t have sticks stuck their behinds, I love Facetiming and hanging out with them. When the mood strikes, I can produce some pretty good and amusing photo creations using Powerpoint. I also love taking pics of my cat and dog at home doing funny things.

The first photo is my roommate and me at the Farmer’s Market the weekend before the semester started. I included it because it was such a fun day of bonding for us. The other is a photo of me at the beginning of this summer when I was at training for my job. And the third is of my cat and dog doing funny things, acting weird in the car.