Fifty Forms

For this weeks assignment we were asked to explore Tinkercad, and become more comfortable with the program by creating 50 different designs. In doing this I found some cool ways to manipulate the software and get the design I wanted. While I am still learning about Tinkercad, I am able to maneuver through it a lot easier than before.

For my first 3 designs I used Basic shapes to create the burger and cup. I searched through featured shapes and cam across this fern shape to decided to make a Christmas tree by adding a cone shape and manipulating it to make it look the the trunk of the tree.

The fourth is a Snowman i crafted out of basic shapes, mainly spheres, shaping them appropriately to fit.

My fifth design is a soccer ball created from a flattened cylinder and hexagonal shapes, I also incorporated text and symbols in to this design.

To create this design i combined a featured shape and edited a cylinder shape.

This design is a cylinder with text wrapped around it.

In this design i tried to create a car axel/chassis with connectors and wheels.

These three designs combine basic shapes, text. I just sized them to fit certain shapes.

For this design I duplicated the image and stretched it out.



For the rest of my designs, I used either basic shapes and/ or community shapes to create some cool designs.



Here are the links to my designs!