Fifty Forms

My first four forms I used a polygon and changed the number of points to 5. I then stretched out a star to a hole in the polygon. Next I used the letters to spell out my initials. I copied and pasted these initials on the side of the polygon.

For my next four forms I was trying to make a spinning top. I used a cone and flipped it around to make the pointed side facing down. I then used a cylinder and flattened it. Lastly I put a small handle on top.

For these next four forms I created a sail boat. I used the boat design first, I used a copy of it to cut a hole into it. Next I used a cylinder and made it very skinny to make the pole. Lastly I used a flag looked custom design and grouped it onto the pole to make the sail.

For this next group of 4 forms I found these chicken legs and aligned them next to each other. I then used an egg for the body of this strange animal. I found some bunny ears to use as well. Lastly for the eyes I used paraboloids and centered those on the egg body. I used another set of those and made them small and a different color to show pupils. Once again I used another paraboloid for the nose, and lastly an oval type shape for the mouth. The ruler tool was very helpful with this design.

For these two forms I wanted to make a house. I used to pre shaped house for the main frame of the house. I then used a box and designed it to look like a door. The workplane tool was helpful here to really get the shapes in the middle of the each side.

In this next picture it shows four more forms that I used to create a basic tree type design. For this design I wanted to try out the align tool to truly line up each shape to make the base tree and star all center in the middle from each side.


For these three forms I began with the star shape. I then adjusted the number of points from the dropdown menu to make the star look more like a flower with many more points. I then used a cylinder stretched out and skinny for the stem of the flower. A leaf shape was in the custom shapes so I used this to add the last touch to the flower. I tried playing with the quality of this in tinker.

In my next for four forms I started with a diamond and used the control-D modification to make a line of them. I then grouped these all together and copy and pasted another set. I made that new set slightly smaller and lined it up with the other set. Then I raised the smaller set and made a hole in the diamonds so it could hold things. I then placed that set of diamonds on a stand so it can stand up.

This pictures shows the four forms that created a name tag key chain. The box was used to create the tag and the hold in the top to make the edges. The circle shape was distorted and cut to make the ring on the left. Lastly the text shape was used to print my name on the tag.

For these four forms I wanted to try to make a tube that a marble could slide through. So i used the tube shape on the left and copy and pasted it two more times. I then flipped and twisted around the new tubes to face different ways. The align tool was highly necessary for this design to make sure the tubes were perfectly in line. I then simply placed a sphere on the plane to get printed to use for the marble. I played with the ‘steps’ adjustment to make it more round.

This design I created was more complex then my others. This one used six forms to create a wagon type design. I used the wheel shape to create 4 wheels. I first aligned two of the wheels a good distance away from each other then grouped them. I did this again with the other set of two. After then I aligned the two sets of two wheels together to make a perfectly aligned set of four wheels. Then I used the cylinder shape to make two wheel axels. Using a ramp shape I made the blue wagon top. I cut a hole using a smaller ramp that would allow the small little person looking shape to fit right inside.

For my last five forms I decided to make a playground looking area. For this final design I played with the transparency of the colors of the shapes to be able to see through some of the shapes.