Fifty Forms

For this week we were assigned to create 50 different designs in TinkerCad. By doing so I got to explore many different techniques and ideas with the program.

Forms 1-6

For the first designs I decided to keep it pretty simple and use the basic shapes included in TinkerCad. With each design I altered the radius, sides, bevels, segments, etc. By doing this it helped me gage the different type of effects the shape might have on a future design.

Forms 7-12

In these designs I tried to incorporate the previous techniques I used in the first forms along with using additional workplanes on the shapes. For example in the top left and bottom left I used it to place different shapes on top of each other. Another example is at the bottom right where I created a house by putting a roof on top of the box and a door on the front of it. I also made a cool design in the top right by putting a polygon through a box using the hole tool.

Forms 13-18

For these next designs I tried to make some designs with concepts. For example, in the top left I made a drill look like it was coming out the ground and in the middle I made a bunny using a multiple workplanes. In the bottom left I made a tree and on the bottom right I made a rough terrain with a river running through it.



Forms 19-26

The next designs I used the duplicate feature which was pretty fun to do. I liked how without even realizing it you can create really cool concepts from using the same shapes over and over again. For example, in the middle right I made a little whirlwind/tornado from using the Fast helix shape and also in the top left I made a trio-staircase which I thought was pretty neat.

Forms 27-34

I decided to use the group and flip tool on these next designs. I had the most fun with these because I was able to come up with completely different shapes and give them their own kind of style.

Forms 35-50

In these last forms I tried using all the techniques I learned from the previous forms.For example, grouping, workplanes, duplicating, and others were used in these designs.Overall I enjoyed doing this project because I felt there really wasn’t a boundary on what we could do in TinkerCad.┬áMany of my designs may seem kind of off the wall, but I guess that is the beauty of using this program.