Fifty Forms

For my first 5 forms, I decided to play around with a random basic shape and make use of the hole option. I used the half sphere to cut holes into the sphere also using basic shapes. For the first form, I used a cylinder to cut a hole into the sphere. For the second one I decided to cut three holes that cut through the sphere of the base and lengthen it to resemble a boat. I flattened the third form by leveling the form to the base in order to make a 2D design. The fourth form is a caterpillar, which I made by putting three spheres together and then grouping them. I did not align them perfectly to resemble a moving effect that a caterpillar has. For the fifth one, I cut a few dye shapes and stretched them out into the shape to form a bullet looking form.



The next 10 forms are of children’s toys. The first one is a slinger, which I created by building multiple rings on top of each other. The top view accentuates the divided sling pieces. The next three I cut the letters “ABC” and make careful to turn the letters exactly 90 degrees upright and had to make sure to view at all angles to make sure that the letters were in the blocks. For the next four forms, I copy and pasted every ring after I made a specific size so all of them can be the same size and in the same place in the air. I made a pin and a bowling ball for the last two forms. I made sure to cut out a bigger hole for the thumb area. Putting the strips on the pin was a little tricky. I had to tweak and adjust from all angles so the ring strips would fit into the pin.



My next 5 forms are fruit. The most challenging part of making these was aligning all the shapes since fruit have unique twists and curves. I took advantage of the specific degree turns to align the parts. For the knife, I had started with a box, flattened it out and then got the paraboloid shape and overlapped it unto the flattened box to cut a knife holder shape into it. In order to make the top part of the kiwi a lighter color, I used a sphere and flattened it, then aligned it with the shaft of the kiwi.


These 5 forms represent a racetrack with cars and pump stations. I made sure to make only one copy of a detail and tweak it (align, size, color, rotation, etc.) so that I have the exact same copy. It saves a lot of time working on one and then copying and pasting the individual details to the other shapes. I made the racetrack out of a ring and stretched them out. For the cars, I built them from individual shapes and made sure to align the pieces on top starting on the shape itself in order to prevent overlapping or being too far apart.



These 5 forms spell out: “Boogie on the dance floor”. I enjoy dancing so I thought it was representative of who I am. I put some of the words in the air for flare. Like the last forms, I made sure to group the letters first to prevent having to resize and align every single letter.



For these 10 forms I decided to make a whole scene representing life after death and irony. Examining the scene you see a staircase which seems like it leads up to heaven, when actually it leads down to hell (thus the irony). I used the ruler and workplane a few times to align the forms together.



The next 10 are Antartica themed: Winter Wonderland. I mostly used community shape generators and lots of copy and paste to create random objects representative of the north. I played around with replicating the same shapes and overlapping them to make new objects.